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Someone who believes the stuff printed in the infamous "Chick tracts" by Jack Chick are real.
Gamer 1:John's parents burned all his D&D stuff after reading that "dark dungeons" bullshit.

Gamer 2:Fucking chickheads.
by professor tanhauser July 31, 2011
Someone who believes anything said on fox news, no matter how blatantly absurd, ludicrous, insane, stupid or eventually discredited it eventually becomes.
My pal John is a great guy mostly, but he's such a foxygen breather he still believes in the "death panel" bullshit about healthcare reform.
by professor tanhauser July 30, 2011
An account used by someone unfairly banned by a biased, abusive or just plain asshole moderator to defy the ban and return to the forums.
After the mods on SJG let Paladin and Koltar flame democrats and liberals, then banned me for speaking against republicans and conservatives, I went through a proxy to sockpuppet back in since it was bullshit to ban someone for attacking conservatives but not for attacking liberals.
by professor tanhauser July 30, 2011
When fox news expresses outrage over someone on the left doing or saying something that the right has been doing and saying to a far, far more egregious degree for years with no complaints from fox news, it is clearly an artificial, manufactured outrage.
When fox news launched a day long tirade about John Stewart being a "racist" for mocking Herman Cain's idiotic remarks about only passing small bills if he were president despite having never said a word about the viciously racist anti Obama signs the teabaggers carried in ralliess, it was clearly manufactured outrage. (And Stewart spanked them for it the next day!)
by professor tanhauser August 04, 2011
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