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academic hustler: n.

a student who attempts to manipulate, cheat or guilt a professor (usually college) into assigning a higher grade then earned. academic hustlers usually will resort to flagrant lies, half-truths, phantom illnesses, or--if all fails--provocative flirting and bribery. the hustling is more prevalent, during the last 2 weeks of the semester, but can occur at anytime.

during their college years, most have been reprimanded by professors for cheating and plagiarism. in addition, many have used "test banks" or paid socially inept honor students to do their work, in exchange for superficial friendship.

most academic hustlers (if they are graduated) will end up chronically unemployed due to incompetence, because they lack basic skills that they failed to learn while hustling professors.

at its core, academic hustlers are blinded by a misguided sense of entitlement, chronic laziness and total disrespect for higher education.
last semester in my class, he asked me not to fail him for never showing up to class, because he NEEDS at least a B to get into grad school; and he's willing to do anything to pass. what an academic hustler!
by prof_teach December 24, 2010

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