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Pro-choice is the view that a woman should have control over her fertility and the choice to continue or terminate a pregnancy. This means the guarantee of reproductive rights, which includes access to sexual education; access to safe and legal abortion, contraception, and fertility treatments; and legal protection from forced abortion.

I am pro choice.
We are not pro-abortion. We advocate sex ed, contraceptive use, and the right to choose, because you can be pro-choice and not get abortions. Also, we don't hate children because every child should be a wanted child.
We, at Planned Parenthood, are a Pro-Choice organization. We believe it is the right of the woman to choose what goes on with her body. It's between her and her doctor, NOT the government. They don't have the right to legislate over her body. We also advocate reproductive rights, and the right to use contraceptions. Also, we advocate the right to up to date, medically correct sex-ed
by prochoicestudent December 12, 2009

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