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The object of which somebody is "pwned" with, often associated with the banhammer. After the event of which somebody is pwned with the object, the object is then known as a pwnstick for the rest of its existence.



When somebody is the victim of a pwnstick attack, he has been pwnstick'd. The term "pwnstick'd" is a synonym for owned, pwned, and banned.



A large penis.
Did you see Mike get hit with that pwnstick?

Josh just got fuckin' pwnsticked!

Kate rode his pwnstick like a bike.
by prms March 30, 2009
Often worn by cranky librarians and people with no sense of style.

Wearing cat's eye glasses is considered one of the fastest ways to become a loser.

Making fun of people with cat's eye glasses is one of the easiest ways to get a cheap laugh.
James: "Haha, look at that fat kid's new glasses!'
Will: "Wow, why pick fucking?"
James: "Heh, here he comes now."
Alan: "Ohai guishe, look at my new cat's eye glasses. Have you seen my new sandals that I wear with socks?"
by prms April 01, 2009

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