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Grill (n.) 1.Outdoor cooking appliance
2.Your retainer on crack
(It looks like your teeth covered
in very tight, shiny tin foil-
common trait of well-known
3.(v.)To cook food above charcoal
, gas or other means of heat.
(typically outside)
4.Your facial region

& don't get thrown off by myspace pictures,
your grill is NOT your mouth in general,
nor is it
-your smile
-your teeth
1.PERSON #1:Hey, Fred, can we make some steak outside?
PERSON #2:Yeah, hold on, let me get the grill ready.

2.PERSON A:Yo, Nelly, show me yo{ur} grill
PERSON B:Let you see my what?!(shows teeth)
PERSON A:SHINY!...I knew it.

3.PERSON #1:Steve, this salmon is excellent.
PERSON #2:Yes, I'll grill some more later.

4.PERSON A:(let's say they're in a club about to fight)
You got a problem with me?
PERSON B: (person a is in all up in his face)
Yo!, Get out of my girll!
by priscillamustsay January 28, 2006
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