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To freddy prince a girl is to find a girl who's is not that attractive, but could be. You completely change her image to actually make her hot. Then, strut your work of art at local gathering places.
Yo, that bitch is wack... But I could freddy prince the shit out of her.
by princethatho May 19, 2009
A muffy is a sneak attack sexual maneuver. While you're going down on a girl you breath in deep and blow all the air you can muster up into her vagina. Then firmly place your hands on her stomach and press down. The desired effect is a whoopee cushion style queef.
Warning : it is strongly recommended you pull your face away before pressing down.
I gave this girl a muffy and my room still stinks.
by princethatho May 19, 2009
An MVP is a sneak attack sexual maneuver. As legend has it... The move was invented and first carried out by legendary head coach for the Chicago Bears Mike Ditca.
when a girl is giving you a blow job, right as you're about to ejaculate you pour an ice cold bottle of gatorade over her head. Then after she gets up and turns around you slap her on the ass.
I MVPed that slut and told her good game bitch.
by princethatho May 19, 2009
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