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The euphoria feeling after having amazing sex! The guy was so great that you seem to feel high from his dick. Smile non-stop after having sex. Barely talking, replaying moments from the occasion over and your head and being happy. Being in an overall good mood. Usually lasts around 30 mins after sex.
Girl 1 (On Phone): Omg girl, I think I'm Dick High, I can't stop smiling and reminicing about that dick.

Girl 2 (On Phone): Damn girl I ain't been Dick High in about 3 months, my new boo just cant dick me down the way my old man used to.
by princeszjasmine February 11, 2010
"Damn Daddy Look Good". Used when seeing a male that is sexy as hell. A way of telling your friends how good a guy looks without him knowing.
Girl 1: Did you see him? DDLG!!!!!!!

Girl 2: Girl i peeped that way before you did. Hes sexy as shit.
by princeszjasmine February 11, 2010
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