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a douchebag who has transcended the mundanity of common douchebaggery to attain some degree of great status, wealth, power or celebrity, which causes him to ooze all of the sex appeal of a walking venereal disease.

A common douchebag advances to the vaunted level of uberdouche through one of two ways:
1. He is recognized for a significant degree of actual talent (note that this talent can never be tempered by authentic cultural intelligence, or he is no longer a douchebag).

2. He has attained status through luck, inheritance, etc. or by association (e.g. marriage, baby-daddyness etc.) with someone of actual prominence.

Note that because the uberdouche is actually famous/rich/known, it is easy to mistake him for a non-douche because his opinion of himself seems to equate with public assessment. Mark, however, that while the masses may regularly celebrate uberdouches, there is a Higher judgement, and God does not wear Ed Hardy.
Damn, Adam Levine may be really good at singing but he's just a velvet-throated uberdouche.
Damn, David Beckham may be really good at soccer but he's just an uberdouche in gilded cleets.
Damn, Scott Disick has effectively ascended to the hallowed ranks of The Uberdouche simply by impregnating a Kardashian.
by princeofdenmark April 03, 2012
to go on any type of road-bound spree, named after the Nebraska serial killer Charles Starkweather.
We should go starkweather all through Muskogee county shooting out all of the letter "G's in the Stuart Anderson's Black Angus signs.
by princeofdenmark April 03, 2012
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