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Sex between fat people.
“Sounds like mum and dad are at it in the bedroom”
“Yewwhh… Porkyporn. Have they got a bucket of KFC in there with them?”
by prik kee noo April 22, 2011
1. A painful neck cramp that results from watching semi-naked women dancing on a stage for too long.

2. A malady commonly experienced by otherwise seemingly normal Japanese men.
Tim: “Hey Bro! What’s up with your neck – you been at the computer too long?”
Red: “Upskirt cramp man. Too many hours at Soi Cowboy last night”
by prik kee noo April 23, 2011
A theory developed under the influence of alcohol.
Dave couldn't understand why that girl kneed him in the balls. He and his friends had spent hours working on their barpothesis that she would be fatally attracted to his cutting-edge one-liners and urbane charm.
by prik kee noo July 02, 2011
A chronic wanker. Observable features: hand calluses and muscular development in dominant arm only; highly likely to file an illegitimate compensation claim for repetitive strain injury; drinks lots of fluid.
Supervisor Jill: “Off to the toilet again Dave? Upset stomach?”.
Dave: “Yeh. Something I ate last night” *checks his iWank to make sure the battery is full and heads for the bathroom*.
Jane (to Jill): "What a cranker".
by prik kee noo April 23, 2011
A collective shock or fear spreading through a crowd.
The gunshot set off a frightwave in the densely-packed concert crowd resulting in a stampede towards the exit gate.
by prik kee noo April 22, 2011
To lose an erection beyond redemption.
Cameraman: "The fluffer has been working on him for half an hour now and still no response".
Director: "OK, let's wrap it up for the day -he's schlongone".
by prik kee noo April 21, 2011
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