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Literally means, "Okay, thanks, bye" Usually said to be a bit more sarcastic and rude when trying to make a point. Used to end a conversation/point quickly.
"You're so stupid, don't ever talk to me again, kthxbi."
by priceisright August 01, 2005
Dean is known to be some-what of a ladie's man, With his handsome look's, charming manner and sharp witt he manage's to rapidly seduce many unsuspecting prey into falling madly in love with him before they have a chance to realize what has even happened.

Any woman lucky enough to have him by her side with his dignified aura and exquisite taste, feel's just like pretty woman herself. Although under this upper-class refined facade lurk's a wicked and flirtacious little boy, no matter what his age, alway's ready to participate in anything bad ass. When Dean hold's you in his arm's you have never felt safer or more adored. With a slightly addictive personality, you can only hope that you are the object of his addiction.
I wish I was a Dean. so I could reel in the pussay.
#pussay #ass #charming #addictive #monkey
by Priceisright July 23, 2012
n. The act of masturbating in a gas station bathroom while defecating.
Steve: "Dude, pull over at this gas station. It's urgent."
Jeff: "Why?"
Steve: "I need to take a Pump 'n Dump. Bad."
Jeff: "A what?"
Steve: "Look it up."
Jeff: (searches Urban Dictionary) "Oh my god that is horrifying. People do this?"
#blumpkin #gas station #fapping #toilet #masturbating
by PriceIsRight November 24, 2013
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