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A ridiculous over statement used when people actually are not "Rolling on the floor laughing (their) ass off"

In reality, it means:

Really, Only Fibbing. Looking Moderately Amused Only.
Person A: I'm so tired my eyes hurt
Person B: LOL
Person A: Did you actually LOL?
Person B: No! ROFLMAO
Person A: Are you actually laughing now?
Person B: No.
Person A: You're an idiot.
by pp0u20e8 January 31, 2010
The act of masturbating while on your period.
Cait: I haven't masturbated in 3 weeks, and now I'm on my period!

Nick: Dude, why don't you just have a red wank?
by pp0u20e8 April 21, 2010
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