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acronym for:
horizontally placed fingers moving vertically over lips.

an action or gesture made by a person to express the feeling of not understanding anything being said or the act of not caring on what is being talked about.

this is similar to having a 'nosebleed' effect when someone talks about something and you don't get any of it.

another usage of this gesture is to express that you aren't doing anything productive and just slacking off.
example 1

person a: (nerd talk on diablo 3) guys i have this uber weapon that deals a megazillion damage. it comes from theorycrafting

person b: (uniterested or doesn't even care) hpfmvol

example 2
person a: i really don't get what am i doing right now. ill just hpfmvol.
by poysama June 27, 2012

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