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The practice of sticking as many dildos as possible in one's own butt. Usually as a competition.
Zach's butt tumbling record is 18! Amazing, he can really butt tumble!
by PowPowPow November 13, 2013
The label one may place on a newcomer who

a. Introvert Redtag ( you don't know they are mentally unstable untill it is too late) "simmering Redtag"

B. extrovert Redtag (they are fucking crazy and you know it the second they walk in the room) "flamming redtag"
That dude Manny thinks everyone is out to get him because he has a Jerry curl, colored contacts, and a fucking pinky ring! Redtag!

People can be converted to Redtag by their social surroundings and/or genetics
by Powpowpow September 23, 2012
Handsome devil
That guy over there is a real Brouillard.
by POWPOWPOW December 02, 2013
A variant of "(For) Pete's sake". A slang.
For Pig's sake, get out of the bathroom already! You've been in there for ages!
by powpowpow March 09, 2008

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