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extn.: Fuck-Assing : messing about, an activity etc. that is a waste of time, pointless
My Centura is still not ready, they're just fuck-assing around.
by powers June 04, 2005
unattractive, ugly, a site as bad as a hat full of assholes.
' that gronk you picked up last night was as pretty as a hat full of assholes '
by powers June 03, 2005
n.1. a persons face that has as much appeal as a bashed crab.
2. a crab that has been bashed

=bash crab ; smashed crab ; hat full of assholes
i must have had the beer goggles on last night, i just dropped off this bashed crab of a bitch hey !
by powers June 03, 2005
A disease derived from the pitiful selection of movies on Netflix. Symptoms include extreme irritation, desperation, and exhaustion.
Person 1: Dude, Netflix doesn't have a single good movie, its all this crap no one else would buy. Sooo, annoying.

Person 2: Sounds like you have Netflexia.
by Powers May 15, 2013
Australian car 1975 to 1979 chrysler, king of the road when fitted with the most powerful 6 cyl in the world (at the time a 265 hemi)
I loaded up sunbeam ave with plenty of feel good do-nuts and figure 8's
by powers June 04, 2005
one of the classic joke names you ask for over the phone while sitting in the bar: the bar bimbo calls out for Colin Oscapy and it sounds like colonoscopy
i pranked the village tavern last night with Colin Oscapy !
by powers June 03, 2005
n. 1. = bashed crab 2. a crab that has been smashed
man, rootin that smashed crab i needed two paper bags, in case hers fell off!
by powers June 03, 2005
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