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The single most bad ass weapon ever created.

Easily beats out a lightsaber, troll sword and Federation Pistol combined.
Bill: so, how bad ass is this new Lightsaber I got for Christmas?

Me: pretty awesome.

Bill: what did you get?

Me: the greatest fucking weapon ever created.

Bill: what's that?

Me: Elder Wand.
by potterfreak143 February 15, 2011
Something that is no longer cool or fun because douchebags have ruined it.

Movies and TV shows that are no longer fun to quote, or in extreme cases, watch, because douchebags have excessively quoted them.
As painful as it is for me to admit it, The Empire Strikes Back has been Douchebag flagged.

Because a bunch of dumbass jocks have excessively shouted, "This is Sparta!" 300 has been Douchebag flagged.

I thank God every day that the following movies and TV shows are not Douchebag flagged:

The Big Bang Theory
The Big Lebowski
Curb Your Enthusiasm
The Dark Knight
Monty Python
Pulp Fiction.
by potterfreak143 February 16, 2011

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