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A Phrase from the popular old old game named "Zero Wing" . This is also where "All your base are belong to us" comes from. If you are a nerd, you know this already.
allyourbase r belong to us
by potro dobuc January 12, 2004
an ex-US Coast Guard person. Usually of the rotund variety...with a bell on their head.
"Ding-Ding"...hey is that guy a buoy or what?
by potro dobuc January 14, 2004
Someone who wears a cheesy Mr. T starter kit.
Hey look, here comes Johnny 10K
by potro dobuc January 09, 2004
Some old guy with strong convictions about the Bible who shares his opinion with other people in forums. Not too shabby.
Man, did you see what chal posted at www.utopiatemple.com forums?!?!

Go, chal, go!
by potro dobuc February 05, 2004
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