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A technique used to find the perfect spot in your room for full-sounding bass.
This technique is created by Gene DellaSala, president and Founder/Owner of Audioholics (an online A/V magazine)

The technique involves placing the subwoofer in the spot where you usually sit when watching movies or listening to music, and turning on a fairly bass-heavy test track. Then, crawling around on the floor while listening to where the bass sounds the best. Switching spots with your subwoofer—it should sound about the same.
Mark: I got my new sound system, but am confused where to place the subwoofer for the best sound.
Sami: Easy, do the subwoofer crawl and you will find out.
by postscripter February 07, 2011
A UNESCO Heritage town in Laos. And considered by many the most beautiful town in South East Asia.
After a two day trip along the Mekong river from the Thai border, we have reached the beautiful town of Luang Prabang.
by postscripter January 05, 2015
Recognize content of a photo.
Can you photognize this?
yeah, this is my grandparents house in Ottawa! Oh, how I miss the old good days.
by postscripter July 31, 2012

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