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2 definitions by post-science

postscience none or post-science is knowledge beyond science dealing with non-violable laws of nature in social science, as science deals with non-violable laws of nature in physical science, and with the condition of permanence or complete automation in computer and life sciences, in contrast to the current temporary and partially automated computer science.
Postscience is founded by Dr. Hugh Ching after his discovery of the solutions of touch, value, and software, which currently are popularly implemented as jumpulse in Robot Mechanics, the Infinite Spreadsheet, and Universal Permanent Software with it byproduct Universal Permanent Numbers, respectively.
by post-science September 24, 2012
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A suddenly applied finite force.
Jumpulse is the new physics foundation describing applied force. While Newton only studied passive forces for the planetary motion. All human and animal motions start with jumpulse, a finite force. Jumpulse is needed for touch and prolonged contact in sports, where a jumpulse is applied with precise timing.
by post-science September 16, 2012
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