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2 definitions by porkalvin

Reveling in personal gain associated with someone else's loss; not to be confused with schadenfreude, in which one takes pleasure from another's pain.
After hearing the news that a new freelancer had bombed on a writing project, Alan and Laura, also freelance writers, felt a rush of halfenfreude at the prospect of additional work.
by porkalvin December 10, 2010
A person who is compelled to consume cultural offerings of all kinds, especially theater, dance and opera.
Unless it was Monday, you could scarcely find Bruce at home in the evenings. As an inveterate culture fag he was compelled to take in all forms of entertainment and had subscriptions to the Public Theater, the Metropolitan Opera, BAM, The Roundabout, New York City Ballet and was a member of at least 7 museums.
by porkalvin February 17, 2011