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Organized bullying of a target by multiple people,

which is usually done for political reasons.

It starts off by a gang stalking rat who finds his target by finding out peoples political or religious beliefs and finding out anything that the potential victim has said or written, then the gang-stalking rat lets others with the same agenda (that is, people with the same political agenda, people who belong to the same cult, or people who belong to the same political activist organization, union, etc.).

Once the target is identified and his details are (secretly) transfered to others, he is then considered fair game by the others, and they may act on him as they please, so long as they legaly get away with it, and so long as their activity is kept secret.

They will often be in a senior (or middle management, etc.) position within a company, then hire him, do what they want with him (see below), and then get him fired. After he has finished at that company, they will ensure that he gets negative referals for the rest of his life.

The target then goes to the next company, and an employee there (often a manager, or team-leader, or in other such position), will attack him there, too.

This goes on for maybe a couple of more jobs which last for only a short time.

The victim of the gang stalking is never enlightended as to what the agenda is, and the rest of the company is oblivious as to what is going on. The activities are kept secret, or the agenda and the organization is kept secret. The gang stalker appears and acts superficially friendly toward the victim so as to ensure that it does not look as though anything strange is occuring.

The things that are done can be summed up as "devil's switch." Basically, things are done, such as sabotage to a project or to machinary, things are stolen, computers tampered with, etc. that makes it look as though those things were actually done by the victim. Those things only last for as long as the victim is at the company, and the victim is often not aware of what is exactly going on around him, and so he is unable to defend himself.

The gang stalkers also try to make the victim look paranoid. This can also be a cause for firing him, or for people to help ostracise him. Those others, of course, are not in on the plan.

The victim is made to feel stress and anxiety.

Eventually the victim has enough bad references, that he remains unemployed. And so many lost-friends, that he finds it hard to have a normal social life.


The loosely organized group were Gang stalking Joe.

Joe lost his job four times.
by popopopopop1212122 January 07, 2010

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