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Fat Black Person. Also an insanely unskilled person on xbox live.
"Dude did you see that guy? He's a huge negropotimus."

"Way to lose the game for us you negropotimus!"
by poparopakowski October 11, 2008
Literally means to play tennis but is often misinterpreted as jacking off. Phrase commonly used by Tall Asian Kids that play alot of tennis.
"Hey dude you wanna chill tomorrow/"
"No, I'm gonna be at JRC swattin the fuzzy."
by poparopakowski October 11, 2008
What someone says into the headset after they talk on xbox live.
"I am your new squad captain, "over!"
"I want a new squad, "over!"
"You are no longer in my squad, "over!"
"Im Kyle, "over!"
"Attack from the right, "over!"
"You are a terrible squad, "over!"
by poparopakowski October 11, 2008
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