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a portmanteau, or blend of the words “bullshit” and “meter.” Most commonly referred to as a “pocket bullshometer:” it’s a BS detector. It’s not a real device, (although such an invention would be handy) but rather just the little alarm that goes off in the back of your head when you know you’re being scammed, conned, played,or just lied to. If your bullshometer is going off, rest assured you’ll soon need a shovel and some boots or, better yet: hip waders. Earliest known usage of this phrase was in a customer service inbound call center in Oklahoma City, OK; circa 1999.
“My pocket bullshometer was beeping like crazy during the President’s speech today.”
by poormanschef September 07, 2006
n. short for "Mackintosh" a kind of rubberized raincoat dating back to 19th century great Britain. a mack could really be any raincoat at all. Mackintosh has itself become slang for a condom, but I've never heard "mack" used to refer to a rubber.
(Liverpudlian 1) - see that that banker?
(Liverpudlian 2) - the one with the little children laughing at him behind his back?
(L 1) - yeah, that's the one. you know he NEVER wears a mack?
(L 2) - not even in the pouring rain?
(L 1) - nope.
(L 2) - very strange.
by poormanschef October 05, 2006
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