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Godwin High School has it all:

1. Money- under this category falls the preps and the druggies who literally snort away their parent's income. These girls shop at Nordstrom's as much as I shop at Walmart. The guys here dress like hobos to pull off the perfect "stoner look" which goes hand in hand with their drug obsession.

2. Sluts- these girls are bangable... literally. Godwin will provide you with a large selection of services.. male or female ;). Highest STD rate in Henrico?!

3. Wanna be lesbians- penises are so last year, the new fad is girl on girl action and threesomes. Helllllll yeahhhhhh. Godwin ladies are ladies on the streets and freaks in the sheets if ya know what i mean. Virgins were so elementary school...

4. Alcoholics- they piss their money away when they break the seal every weekend after a great night of blacking out and "what the fuck happened."
i wouldn't be surprised if one of Godwin High School's students landed on 16 and pregnant or Teen Mom, but as long as they incorporate the latest designer baby bag and rock the new rock and republic maternity line they will be golden.
by pooppeepissshit January 26, 2011
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