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school district in nassau, long island includes new hyde park, albertson, williston park, searingtown, rosyln,and manhasset hills. Pretty much the most diverse school you've ever seen, more over, probably the most brown school you've ever seen.Pakis? Gujus? Malus? Punjabis? Koreans? Chinese? Jewish? Irish? Bengalis? Afghanis? U NAME IT! But that makes everyone there really accepting. Located NEAR queens so everyone thinks they're ghetto, and more and more seems to becoming truly ghetto 'cause of all the queens area kids moving in...sigh.
AKA?....Desi Mania
fuckkk herrickssss!

herricks is ghettttttto.

herricks is loaded with every background you could imaginee.
by poopie1001011 May 02, 2005
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