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the gnarliest, horrible, faces of death, hurricane Katrina bad hangover ever, usually resulting from to much charcoal filtered booze leaving you bedridden for days and more times than not ensuing in busted eye vessels caused from to much “day time” puking. There have even been some extreme
cases where some a-train bad hangovers have resulted in death...
Duke: Hey you buffalos seen Anthony
Dudes: Oh gooood no, he is in his room in a pool of his own vomit on his death bed doing A-train Bad

by poopbandit#2 May 14, 2007
a line of cocaine so big and girthy the only capable nose that can handle one will be found etched on the side of mount rushmore
holy shit, you blow monkeys keep ripping yardsticks that big your going to end up like jim morrison or even worse doing atrain bad with a rough case of the "meth mouth"
by poopbandit#2 April 18, 2007
the art of consuming mass amounts of charcol filtered booze with the simple goal blacking out in mind usually resulting in the pissing of ones pants
you guys hear about duke last night? I heard he got shlintzkied at the bars and woke up in a shopping cart near the railroad tracks with his pants pissed.
by poopbandit#2 April 14, 2007
the art of taking a shot of booze
cochran you fat fucker, get over here and rip a hot one with me
by poopbandit#2 April 14, 2007
Waking up in a cockroach infested Chico style dorm room, with bloody gums caused by your own oversized braces sleeping beside the ugliest, hairiest, sweaty beast ever, with your circulation in your left shoulder cut of due to sleeping with your shoulder pinched in between a shelf all night.

Zwets: Hey zack how did you sleep last night?
Zack: Not to good shlintz, my mouth tastes like sardines and I got one hell
uv a case of the shelfshoulders.
by poopbandit#2 May 14, 2007
while getting sucked off, babe pulls off and you accidently squirt bijism (man goo, sperm, cum, etc.) in your own mouth causing hours upon hours of gut renching vomiting
dude, last night was horrible i gave me self the duke of earl ... man, i need to drink more pinnaple juice
by poopbandit#2 April 18, 2007
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