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An art that requires puncturing of the skin. Can alter your looks depending on how much you get or where you get it at on the body.
I am getting piercings because I like the style of it, and the jewlery looks nice too.
by poohder June 23, 2011
A brain disorder that causes Clonic Tonic seizures and or little epileptic jerks. You can have seizures while being conscious or unconscious. Misfiring signals that go to your arms and legs. Meds like depakote could help someone with JME. Lights can trigger seizures. They can have Grand Mal seizures and blackout. The disorder can happen when the person hits puberty ( when 12).
Since I was 12 I was diagnosed JME. With out my meds I could have a seizure, but I could have Myoclonic jerks and still be conscious, it feels like electricity inside me, it's a weird feeling.
by poohder June 23, 2011
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