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An old sailors term, circa 1700's, for oral sex, female on male.

The word 'pug' was widely used as slang term for the penis. To have one's pug washed is rather self explanatory.
When oi gets ashore me 'arties, oi'm getting me pugwashed good 'an proper, ooh aar!!!!
by poodpood May 04, 2005
The act of rubbing ones genitals on inanimate objects to induce ejaculation and/or acheive pleasureable sensations.
On the way home last night, I had a spot of frotage on the neighbours wall.
by poodpood May 04, 2005
In Edinburgh,Scotland, a term to describe anyone, esp. female, who has a large posterior.

The 'Store', the Co-operative, was the cities major retailer of goods and employed horses and carts in the olden days to deliver goods etc.
'Morags looking no bad these days'

'Nah man, she's got an arse like the store horse'
by poodpood July 09, 2005
Generic romany/gypsy term for a non gypsy, popular slang term used in Edinburgh, Dundee, Perth and most of east coast Scotland.
Check out the garb on that gadgie.
by poodpood July 11, 2005

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