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1. a phrase often said by children needing to use the bathroom. 2. a phrase used by idiot adults needing to use the bathroom.
Child "I need to pee pee!!" how cute
Adult "I need to pee pee!!" how stupid
by poo poo July 01, 2004
The BEST Cock Sucker...
Taheer and Geoff Heath seem to have fun suckin each others dicks.
by Poo Poo April 18, 2005
A Very Intelligent and Obtimistis person.
Wow, that kid is like Ginter.
by POO POO March 30, 2005
Chubby little delicious roll of shit that turns into lard when consumed.
Wow did you eat a ho ho because your legs look like two chunks of lard when you move.
by Poo poo July 31, 2003
The woman that comes in ten minutes before Papa Murphy's closes and asks if they have any extra pizzas left over. If they don't have exactly what she wants she snubs 'em. She looks like a rat.
Do you have the combo pizza left over with out onions? You don't? What kind of place is this? I'm not gonna buy any left over pizzas tonight.

Damn rat woman.
by poo poo August 02, 2003
Amazing incredible man.
Term of endearment for this man that I love.
I love you my little Boo Boo.
by Poo Poo July 23, 2004
1. a weapon used along time ago by knights and other people who don't compinsate for there smallness. Aka the bastard sword.
2. another name for the penis.
1."I love to cut people up with my short sword."
2."You should not follow your short sword."
by poo poo July 01, 2004

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