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Name given to the unsightly looking 'landmark' placed in Western Australian city, Perth. It is a large glass belltower placed on adjacent the Swan river which runs through the city. The tower presumably cost a large amount of funding to build and is appreciated by no-one, the 'Dicky' in the phrase refers to much hated Australian prime minister John Howard; an evil little man, see 'John Howard'
"Alright then mate I'll meet you in the city next Dicky's ding dong"
by Poo March 07, 2005
(Inverse) normal level, the scale used by nerds to meter how uncomfortable they feel around unnerdy people (ie those with lower nerd levels than themselves)
by poo June 05, 2003
dont know wot it means but ask any townie
tom - "i run 14 miles a day"
jane - "doubt, massive doubt"
by poo July 30, 2004
mix between brilliant and thrilla
meanink fukn wickid!!
that waz hell BRILLA!!
by poo April 22, 2003
a measure of the size of ones charactor
"Man, you aint got the testicular mass"
by poo June 05, 2003
Its a kind of hat that people wear in Uzbekistan.
Would you just look at that crity
by Poo February 23, 2005
A lampshade made from cloth material, which is pointy at the top and is labelled: "Hangina".
"Hey! It's a hangina."
"It's a hanging."
by poo December 18, 2004
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