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to promote more efficient conversations, the answer for all questions that can be answered with common knowledge or facts, or any information retrievable from the internet.
Mike - "Hey, help me figure out how to get this stain out of my favorite pants."

Jenny - "Google it."
by ponderopus July 04, 2009
pre-information. think in terms of dis-information.com or www.metalized.info ... rmation. Platonic Idealism. Aristotle. Exegesis. Remediation. Text to txt to phone to planes to memes to graphics, sound, light shows, Visual Auditory Sensory Theatre Bose style imagination.

"You're so meta" (:: sigh::) is a good response to the good ole fanboy mentality of how the ideal hyperspace and all associated realities therein, and facetizeably outwardly focused as well, regarding one's sense of self, all in all, "THE MEDIUM IS THE MESSAGE, NOT the massage." Massages are either given for free by friends or loved ones, as messages should be as well." Postmodern culture saw media massaged as clay or play-doh for those with less than pure (circle back to Platonic Ideology now) intents. also study some on the difference, comparisons and contrasts, of Justified True Belief vs. Opinion.
Stuart says, "Hmm, is code a language or is language a code?"

Jenny says, "Ooh Ooh, I've got an idea, (I came up with a word that relates to all of this) ... PRECONTEXT!!!"

Stuart: "oooOOOh"

three years later or approximately.

Jenny in her head. "Gawd, everything is so meta. "": ... (btw, A is Red, and I is i, which is with a black outline gradient and the insert circle is pure white. so to hexadecimal with it all ^_^

Jenny to UD after rejecting her initial form entry:


"you're so meta"
by ponderopus January 03, 2010
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