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(pronounced: Jee-vah)

A hybid of gangster and diva.
Her pubes were shaved to spell THUG LIFE and that's when I realized she was definitively a Giva.
by poncho the head honcho November 18, 2010
Substances that cause or exacerbate mudbutt similar to the way carcinogens lead to cancer.
The high levels of mudbuttogens in that pork burrito had my ass puking brown glue.
by poncho the head honcho January 11, 2010
A person's large head. Badunkadunka is to booty what badome-a-dome is to head. See also Gadome-a-dome
Damn, Reydante got a Badome-a-dome
by poncho the head honcho May 15, 2007

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