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The most retarded person you know.
Named for the small town in Central NY along route 206, called Downsville, with no direct offence meant to that wonderful hamlet.
Elisha: Dad, I forgot to take the foil off the Ding-Dong again.
Keifer: What, are you running for Mayor of Downsville?
by poluphron May 12, 2006
The phenomenon in which every member present at an outing has recently hit the ATM, leading to an over-abundance of 20-dollar bills, and no convenient way to make change.
Sushi waiter: The bill comes to 76.23.
Customer 1: I only have 20's.
Customer 2: Me too.
Customer 3: Are you shitting me?! We are all Asshats!
Customer 4: Fucking ikositis.
Sushi waiter: (sotto voce, some asian-fusion language) Stupid americans.
by poluphron May 12, 2006

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