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A roflcake is an bacincly ordinary brownie recipea but the the major difference is the amount of caffeine it contains. For 1 batch of roflcake (enough for 4 people)add about 3-4 g of caffeine, either take ordinary caffeine pills and grind them or find something simmilar. Guaranteed to make you feel happy and awake for atleast 5 minutes after conuming the meal.

(known side effects include paranoia, fever, headaches, aggression, death and leetness) - Warning do not take if you are either n00b or pregnant.
Oo Pete have you baked brownies?

No Susan, these are called Roflcakes and are quite good, why dont you try one?

Omfg pete these were really tasty.
by polpottan August 29, 2006

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