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Using an excessive variety of colours in Excel.
"So I put the row subtotals in pink on a blue background, these column subtotals in orange on a black background, put the totals in tangerine on a teal background and highlighted the negative values in fuchsia. This should make it really clear to understand. What is your problem?"

"You're murdering the rainbow."
by polony November 24, 2013
Seeing a headline price advertised at the beginning of an online purchase but when you progress to the payment phase, finding that additional fees and charges have been added.
Jetstarred Ryanair rottenair Scam ConAir groupon all practice drip pricing.

the government is on to it (remove spaces): www . accc . gov. au / media-release / accc-2014-compliance-and-enforcement-policy-promises-action-on-drip-pricing
by polony February 20, 2014

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