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When a person has one or two jobs due to the horrible economy and don't know how to handle it and eventually start feeling exhausted and confused.
Job- lagged salesgirl: " Hello Club Monaco, Sherry Speaking"

customer: "Isn't that american apparel?"
Sales girl: " Oh, I'm terribly sorry, I'm totally JOB- LAGGED!"
by politicallyuncompromising November 10, 2010
When two people have a relationship just to maintain a business or when one of them fakes having feelings for the other just for the sake of saving their business.
A man thinking to himself: " My business is about to collapse, I should come up w something... ' EUREKA!' I will approach my dumb female business partner."

Man: Hey lets hang out?

Dumb woman: SURE! ( in a happy go lucky fashion)

Man: You know, I always thought you are quite interesting and beautiful... I like you a lot. Would you like us to get to know eachother well? Lets have dinner tonight.

Dumb woman: I actually like you too, OK!

(then they end up sleeping and in the following days become a "couple" woman constantly keeps taking pics w her arm wrapped around him head tilted on his cheek.)

(Another girl that was ditched by the cowardice relationshop guy) : Wow, what a pathetic relationshoper of a guy he is.
by politicallyuncompromising December 03, 2010
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