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Germany is the origin of numerous great inventions, such as:

- Rocketry
- MP3
- Heroin
- Gummy bears
- Communism
- The jet plane
- Computers
- Beer!

So lets all stop bashing them and show some gratitude instead.
German scientist: "Yes, yes, somezing is missing. I know! I will infent me a flying defice. And an electric computing machine wizz a storatch to do steering. Yes and I shall infent a strong opioid to fight longflight boredom as well as fitting yet-to-infent gelatin candy. Excellent..."

Assistant: "May I haff zome of zee gelatin candy?"

German scientist: "Nah you may not!"

Assistent .oO("Oh Im zoo wütend! I will drink zome of zee alcoholic beferage I infented lately and zen I will zinc up a zoshall system for Germany where zee candy is for ef-eryone!")
#germany #germans #heroin #inventions #gummy bears
by poki June 09, 2006
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