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4 definitions by pokerking

When something is really whats up. This is an appropriate time to say das wusup.
yo i just aced my mid term!!

Das wusup.
by pokerking January 24, 2010
The phenomena of needing a cigarette after someone around you lights one.
After todd lit up a boge, I was overwhelmed with boge anxiety and had to lite one up myself.
by PokerKing January 23, 2010
A party in which only koons are welcome.
Hey, you wanna go to that koon par-tay?

Na im good.
by pokerking January 24, 2010
Two people of african decent who exhibit appalling stenches.
Hey, have you seen Albert and Bryce?

Yea, I was those 2 dirty koons rolling around in mud and eating some corn bread.
by pokerking January 24, 2010