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2 definitions by poignantperfume

A British actress best known for her roles in Doctor Who, ER, and Moll Flanders. She is famous for her innate ability to transcend the boundaries of gender and sexuality. People of all genders and sexual orientations can't help but think she is the sexiest thing alive.

Those in her fanbase calls themselves "Kinglets."
Woman: I just saw Alex Kingston on TV... I think I'm a lesbian now...
Other Person: Nah... it's just Alex Kingston. Everyone is attracted to her.
by poignantperfume October 13, 2011
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adj. when something so reeks of the nineties that it is fantastic.
Origin: A portmanteau word made up of "nineties" and "fantastic."
Yo, I love that jacket! It's so ninetiestastic!
No way! You have jazz solo cups?? That's so ninetiestatic!
by PoignantPerfume February 07, 2013
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