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A girl of Irish origin, looking to stand out in society. wording arises from Irish love of american culture
Hey boy she's nothing but a ho-arse, look at her with that silver tie , trying to stick out
by pogi1alan August 07, 2006
Sea creature, often jokingly related to the mythological mermaid, but mail and repulsive. propels itself through the water using excretian, which often interferes with the natural ecosystem of all nearby areas.
Its a close relation of the smelefingafish, found in the amazon , which locates itself in the inner rectum of unknown swimmers, and lives on feces.
Is it a seal? , Is it a whale?--no its only a Kenmerman.
by pogi1alan August 09, 2006
A stomach churning smell created by someone, but with complete denial of the origin. Also denotes small smell child from "an Sligeach", as they are blamed for Mulligan's to avoid embarassment
Oh my , did u drop a mulligan, "me? no never"
by pogi1alan August 08, 2006

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