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Very beautiful. Petite. Hispanic, mexican orientation. Athletic. Big smile. Brown eyes and thick dark hair. Often complimented on looks. Stands out most in crowd of people. Loyal and honest friend. Often blunt but smiles at the same time. Not confrontational but if your dishonest or disloyal she will simply and easily disregard you and you will no longer be priority. Most people are afraid to be rude or be confrontational with her. She is very intelligent. Analytical and logical about most controversial topics. Animals and kids love her. Loves to laugh, be silly and dance. Very outgoing and likes to meet new people, experience new places and things. Very ambitious and usually have plan for everything. Likes to think about things in advance and be ahead on deadlines. Often keep to their selves about personal experiences and conflicts but confide in people she trusts the most; which are rare. Takes sweet time getting ready to do anything! Often thinks very highly of themselves but hardly ever boasts. Very confident. Some may think she is cocky or cold but once you get to know her she is most humble, down to earth girl you meet. Cares alot for family and is very family oriented. If you ever meet a Salena, never let her go outta sight! :)
' Salenas'
by pocahantos July 11, 2012

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