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A vehicle for self-promotion used by the most pathetic and mindless people in order to instill some sort of false meaning into their otherwise worthless lives. The most egocentric people in the world can be found on Myspace and pride themselves on posting pictures of their dumbass friends getting drunk with them. Unfortunately, they don't realize that anybody with a computer can access their profile and blackmail them using these wayward images. My personal favorite Myspace trend is when people put pictures of the gay bands that they like such as MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE or GREEN DAY or other despicable emo shit that doesn't deserve to see the light of day, as if they personally know the members of the band. Myspace is worthless and should be made into something useful, like a landfill.
Did you know that Dane Cook has a Myspace?
Yeah, that makes it totally gay.
by plumpkin December 06, 2005
Believed by many to be the greatest adjective in existence. It has been described by linguists and etymologists as "aestethically pleasing" and "beautiful" as well as being the most highly evolved word in the English language. Recent evidence shows that the word derived from the sitcom Bonanza, which apparently sucked, unlike the word it begot.
The Spanish for bonzai is "bonzo" and the French is "bongay"
by plumpkin September 30, 2005
When emo kids wear their mother's pants and consider it to be a fashionable thing to do. This is also common among guidos and other stylish ethnic kids. Don't be fooled, there are consequences to wearing girl pants since the balls are restricted and may lead to infertility.
T probably doesn't want to have kids if he's wearing those girl pants.
by plumpkin September 30, 2005

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