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3 definitions by plum

the coolest spanish rock band that rules THE world...and that includes you
"Ese, did you listen to Angel de Amor last night by Mana?"

"Yeah man, i fucked my girlfriend to it last night. It rocked our souls."
by Plum March 19, 2005
8 crazy kids who think they are awesome and like sex a lot but never actually have it. stands for Gang Bang Crew. we like to go to disneyland and buy condoms.
noun:: "I am going to hang out with the GBC."

adjective:: "Hey that condom is sooooo GBC."

verb:: "We are so going to GBC Mean Girls tonight."
by plum March 18, 2005
a secret code term for horny so that horny boys don't actually know you are horny.
"Hey how was your night last night with your boyfriend?"

"I am so sleep deprived--his mom walked in right as i was about to take off my pants."

*random 5 year old boy walking by* "Mommy, what does sleep deprived mean?"

"It means you're really really tired."
by Plum March 18, 2005