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11 definitions by plebescite

Description applied to a penis when it is wider than it is long (often used where it is implied that girth trumps length in ability to please a woman).
I may not have the longest dick in the world, but I'm thick like a tuna can.
by Plebescite September 03, 2003
Small, hard, compact dookies that sound like marbles dropping into the toilet.
Herghhhhk!!.....plop..plop.plippity plop plop. Damn these pebbles are painful!
by Plebescite September 03, 2003
When two fat people are going at it doggy style and lose their balance and fall off the bed together and hit the floor and mash into one big sweaty ball of lard, pwomp!

More generally can be used whenever mashing two things together.
Ice cream and pie taste good together, don't be afraid to pwomp a scoop on top.
by Plebescite April 23, 2011
A variant of the term 69. Referring specifically to two males engaged in the act of mutual fellatio.
Looks like someone's going to see some L7 action tonight.
by Plebescite September 07, 2003