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A month in which everyone eagerly anticipates the holidays, only to be disappointing when they exchange gifts and realize they hate their gifts and are now out of pocket a few hundred dollars. They then spend the last few days of the month thinking about how they have wasted their year and wallowing in self-pity.
December 1st
Chick 1: I'm sooo excited for the holidays
Chick 2: me tooooo!!! I can't wait!

Opening Presents:
Chick 1: Oh, thanks... this is really nice.
Granny: I knew you would like a kitty cat sweater, But whats an iPad?

December 27th
Chick 1: Wow I've done nothing this year :(
Chick 2: Well, we watched some pretty good cat videos.
by pleasegetalife December 26, 2011
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