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One of a number of awesome groups that stage counterprotests whenever Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church draw near a funeral.
It consists of war veterans on motorbikes. They use their awesome choppers and masses of American Flags to obscure the whining douches behind them, allowing the families of the deceased to mourn without bullshit.
The Patriot Guard Riders are made of epic win. There is no counterarguing this.
by plays_well_with_others October 07, 2010
The Nirvana Fallacy is the name for an instance when a person does not do something because they fear that it will not turn out like they envision it in their minds.
Sometimes this prevents people from doing anything.
This stems from the philosophy that anything short of perfect is just as good as nothing at all.
John wants to lose weight, and decides to walk 2 blocks to the subway station near his job instead of taking the bus home.
He tells his friend, Mike...

John: I'm going to walk 2 blocks to the subway instead of taking the bus home.
Mike: HAH! Like that'll do anything! You're a freaking whale!
John: *sigh*...I guess you're right.

He then proceeds to take the bus home. That is the Nirvana Fallacy in action.
by plays_well_with_others July 14, 2009
When people think the world a worse place than it actually is, due to overexposure to the news.
Thats because sex, rape, and murder usually dominate the headlines.
Kyle: Man, I think Jack is freaking out.
Jim: Why? What happened?
Kyle: Last Tuesday, he went on a news-watching binge and has been afraid to come out since - even for girls!
Jim: Oh, looks like you've got a bad case of Mean World Syndrome on your hands.
by plays_well_with_others August 22, 2009

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