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a dick with plastic metal etc something to support it and used by deformed mutants Warning: do not use viagra when you have a dickdo
a dickdo is used by people who have been mutilated in the balls.
by PlayDohMan April 25, 2004
basically club soda with quinin in it
They drank too much tonic water and threw up
by PlayDohMan May 08, 2004
a device for giving one's self eye cancer
Patient: Doctor i got eye cancer from watching too much TV.
Doctor: Well nothing we can do, we'll have to put you to sleep. Here, i have a nice dose of murder for you
by PlayDohMan May 10, 2004
a cool but rather lame character tht tries to wackoff with the honey all he really needs it some lotion
he is the pooh i mean come on
by PlaydohMan April 25, 2004
a very powerful launch that is ment for the vagina
he did a hemi powered dodge ram
by PlayDohMan July 22, 2004
a bomb made up of a glass bottle with a flammable liquid inside and with a gasoline-soaked cloth inside and coming out the top. It is lit and thrown and explodes on impact creating an instant inferno. First used in World War 1
Big Bird: hey kids today we're gonna teahc you how to make your own molotov cocktail.
by PlayDohMan May 10, 2004
1. the fat mexicans who eats a load of tacos at taco bell and throws up behind the dumpster of el cerro grande
2. the skinny dirty mexican, well self explanatory
i saw both kinds of mexicans at the welfare office on dorritos day
by PlayDohMan March 02, 2005

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