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My Shawny Boy is straight from God, Bright, Quick witted, beautiful, a self proclaimed bad boy who has such a sweet side you cant help but love him. He's protective and would fight for me. His eyes change color as he talks to you. They go from blue to green the harder he kisses you. When I'm with him he is always touching me. He texts me all day long and sends me cute videos on facebook. He exudes sexuality and knows he got it, and knows how to use it. He spits on me and says I'm his, "Mine" he growls. He massages my feet and scrubs me in the shower. He's a thoughtful lover and very tender yet forceful. He whispers in my ear what he is going to do to me next. He tells me how much he likes me as he caresses my neck .The future is bright for me and my Shawny Boy.
by playdate February 14, 2010

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