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2 definitions by playa from the himalaya

the legendary cal-boner is a fabled beast amongst pedophile and rapist circles. legend has it that the extremely rare yet precarious cal-boner only furrows out of its nesting site whilst unconscious pussy/cock is aloof during the closure of teenage parties. the cal-boner will knock out the vulnerable adolescents with his wide array of tools in his utility belt and fuck the shit out of their underage ass. whilst extremley rare and hard to spot, the cal-boner will be lethal when trying to achieve his goal of devouring passed out puss and will attack the other rug-munchers with his immortal 'rock-throw'. whilst the cal-boner may be volatile and disturbing, adolescents do feel for the little critter due to the fact that it is the nfortunate product of many, many generations of incest. cal-boner's arch enemy is the incest-rape spawn, cam-syndrome.
worried child #1: let's not drink too much today, we do not want the cal-boner annihilating out assholes
worried child #2: don't worry, the cal-boner only preys on passed out girls.
worried child #1: you are mistaken young sir, the cal-boner preys on anything passed out, be it cock, titties or a combination.
by playa from the himalaya June 10, 2009
the term wonton wonder is used to describe a spectacular metrosexual beast of chinese descent. whilst his homosexual tendencies are famous world-over, the jolly chinaman is still revered by his peers due to his exceptional knowledge and understanding of the scientific world. whilst the term can be used in a derogatory fashion i.e. 'fuck you wonton wonder you dirty chinaman, it is more commonly used to praise the elegant creature after a well received joke or witticism. whilst the wonton wonder may be a well-liked member of the group, his over zealous metrosexual tendencies may cause him to be on the receiving end of homophobic remarks
e.g. #1 (derogatory manner)
wonton wonder: hey guys wanna go buy some clothes and compare penises?

unfortunate acquaintance: dude, fuck.... wonton u metro

e.g. #2 (complementing)
wonton wonder: confucious say man who sit on toilet high on pot
acquaintance: HAHAHAHAH wonton u lej
by playa from the himalaya June 11, 2009