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Antoine Dodson is a man from Huntsville, Alabama who gained notoriety after the attempted rape of his sister Kelly Dodson in the Lincoln Park Projects. He has a song made from his news snippets that has reached both the Billboard and itunes charts. His catch phrases are well known around the hood. He has t-shirts too.
Antoine Dodson-

hide yo kids, hide yo wives, hide yo husbands, cause they rapin' errbody out here
you are so dumb, really really dumb, fo real

you dont even have to confess, we looking for you, we goin' find you, so you can run and tell that home boy
by plan b.a.m August 20, 2010
this is a female or male who literally spreads like the chicken pox in more ways than one.
that skank is like the chicken pox, everyone has had her once.
by plan b.a.m August 20, 2010

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