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Pi Kappa Phi

Pi Kappa Phi fraternity was founded in 1904 in Charleston, SC. It was originally founded as Nu Phi, the non-fraternity. The founders of Pi Kappa Phi never wanted to be in a fraternity, and because of this one of our goals as Pi Kapps is to break the frat stereotype. Pi Kapps strongly oppose all acts of hazing and the use of alcohol at rush, pre-initiation, and initiation events.

Pi Kappa Phi strives to build the quality of its members through the five tenants of CLASS: Character, Leadership, Academics, Sportsmanship, and Service. Today, Pi Kappa Phi focuses on two of these tenants: Leadership and Service.

The mission statement of Pi Kappa Phi is "We will lead," and Pi Kappa Phi has many events that develop the leadership potential of its members, such as Pi Kapp College, Supreme Chapter, Mid-Year Leadership Conference, and through its philanthropy, Push America. Push America's mission statement is "Building leaders of tomorrow by serving people with disabilities today," and Push America hosts several large scale events that serve this mission, including: The Journey of Hope, Build America, and Gear Up Florida.

If you want to join a fraternity to get hammered each night, bang sorority girls you don't even know, and haze your own brothers, Pi Kapp is not for you. However, if you want to join a fraternity in order become the best man you can be, Pi Kapp is the fraternity for you.
(Typical frat boy): Hey bro, what frat are you in?
(Pi Kapp): I am not in a "frat". I am in Pi Kappa Phi fraternity
by pkptl105 December 08, 2009

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